Jack Coggins - Catalogue

I have acquired three catalogue books of Jack Coggins's paintings. These have a small thumbnail image of each painting, with details including medium, size, date painted, dates shown and sold, price, etc. Collectors of Jack Coggins artworks may be interested, so I have listed the details in a spreadsheet and digitised the images, and these can be accessed from this page.

The catalogues contain details of just over 900 of Jack's paintings, but he obviously did not list all of his paintings. I have found images of several paintings which are not listed, and many works were sold at the clearing sale after Jack's death in 2006, which do not appear in the catalogues either. Although I have no images of many of these, I have added them to the listing for completeness.

I am constantly updating this listing, and would be very pleased to hear from any owners of Jack Coggins paintings who could assist me with further information.

Currently the listing consists of over 1100 individual paintings, not including those commissioned for publication in journals and brochures. These are listed separately elsewhere on the website.

I need your help in identifying a number of Jack's paintings for the catalogue. I also need images of some paintings. Please look here to see details.

Click on the links below to access the catalogue listing, arranged in alphabetical order of title. To return to this page from the catalogue listing, click on your browser's return button.

Where the painting title is a hyperlink (blue), clicking on the title will show a thumbnail image of the painting in a separate window. To return to the listing from an image, click on your browser's return button.

Earlier images are in sketch form only (left), later images are a small photograph (right). Jack was an excellent artist, but an indifferent photographer, so some of the photos are not good quality - I have digitally enhanced them as much as possible.



Please contact me, if you need any further information, or if you have any further information, about Jack's paintings. I would be very pleased to receive images and details of any paintings not listed, or corrections to any paintings listed. It would be very good to hear from any owners of Jack's paintings who have found their painting on the list, and can confirm details, or maybe send a better image. I will be pleased to hear from you, and will answer all emails.

All Artworks Copyright © Jack Coggins