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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction is a digest size American fantasy fiction and science fiction magazine, started in 1949 by Fantasy House, Inc. First published as The Magazine of Fantasy in the Fall of 1949, the title expanded to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction with the second issue. Initially it was published quarterly until the Fall 1950 issue, then bi-monthly from December 1950 to June 1952, then monthly from August 1952 until the present. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia).

A few issues of the magazine were published in the United Kingdom and Australia. Some of those magazines used Jack's art on the cover, and I have collected all issues. NASA analyzed two of the cover illustrations on their website, and I have linked to a copy of that also.

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US Issue Vol.4 No.5, May 1953.
UK Issue #5, Vol.2 No.4, February 1954.
Title: A rocket launching station on the moon.

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US Issue Vol.5 No.2, August 1953.
NASA analysis of this illustration
Title: Erecting a communications tower on Triton; Uranus in background.

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