About the collection and the Coggins family.

Jack Coggins has very few living relatives; he and his wife Alma had no children. The authors of this website are members of the only remaining branch of his family, located in Australia. We share a common British grandfather, George Edward Coggins; Jack's father migrated to the United States in the early 1920s, and our father migrated to Australia in 1946. From all accounts, none of our other common aunts and uncles had any children.

I have been collecting Jack Coggins's illustrations and books for several years and I have over 200 items. As a tribute to Jack, I have created this website with scans of all my collection so anyone with an interest in his work can view and appreciate his lesser known illustrations into the 21st century.

Included are images of his many magazine covers, the books he wrote and/or illustrated, his wartime illustrations from Yank and Life magazine, PM Newspaper illustrations and advertising illustrations. I have included some images of his many paintings and copies of his and Alma's obituaries. I hope that you enjoy viewing this collection and I would appreciate any feedback.

This website is a tribute to Jack, and images and text are provided here for interest and information only; no profit will be made from their use. The source is always given where known. If any copyright owners or web site owners have any issues with the use of anything on this web site, please email me and I will be pleased discuss it with you and to remove it if required.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has copies of any of Jack's works for sale which may not be shown here, who has any further information or pictures of works by Jack Coggins, or who has any corrections to my information.

However, I am not collecting Jack's original paintings and unfortunately I am not in a position to purchase any of his original artworks.

David E.R. Coggins 2005-14

All Artworks Copyright © Jack Coggins